Dynamic glass that offers an optimum blend of energy savings and passenger comfort

More and more ship designs are characterised by their large expanses of glass. Passengers like to feel connected to the outdoors – to see nature and benefit from natural daylight – while still feeling protected from the heat and glare of the sun in a comfortable indoor climate. SageGlass® is the solution to all of these demands.

SageGlass®, the dynamic glass from Saint-Gobain, is an intelligent solar control solution. It offers a premium alternative to blinds or shades and provides reliable year-round indoor comfort with a permanent clear view to the outdoors. SageGlass® can be silently tinted and made fully clear again either automatically or manually (at the touch of a wall switch or through a mobile application), regulating daylight and solar heat as well as saving energy and thus costs on air conditioning and heating.

SageGlass® – smart, easy to install and maintenance free

Give your passengers the ocean views they expect without glare and solar heat gain


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