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Vetrotech contributes to advanced wind turbine installation vessel’s success.

Vetrotech has played a major part in helping to construct the world’s most advanced wind turbine installation vessels. The windmill installers A2Sea (N370), and sister vessel (N488) were built at COSCO (Nantong) Shipyard Group Co. Ltd in China.

For use on European offshore wind power projects, the N370, named Sea Installer, is a remarkably large construction and an astonishing feat of engineering. The requirements were demanding, but it managed to fulfil all the strict specifications of the DNV Class, DNV Clean and the Danish Maritime Authority rules. Vetrotech’s collaboration helped to achieve this success.

A vessel of immense capability as well as size, Sea Installer demonstrates excellent mobility, accurate positioning when floating and incredible 800-ton lifting power. And crucially, it has to achieve all of this under the most extreme weather conditions. It is here that Vetrotech was able to provide the know-how and expertise to offer the very best glass solution. We supplied Thermovit® Lite – our energy-saving, weight-reduced heated panes.

Sea Installer uses 125m² of Vetrotech’s high-performance Thermovit® Lite glass for the bridge. Weight distribution is critical in the marine industry, so with some individual panes measuring more than 5m², Thermovit® Lite was the ideal weight-saving solution.

As important as the weight factor was the responsiveness in the most extreme conditions. Whatever the weather, Thermovit® Lite allows clear and undistorted vision in the wheelhouse. Vetrotech’s electrically heated double-glazed units (DGUs) prevent cold from radiating through the glass. They also feature an acoustic laminated safety glass on the inside for optimum sound insulation.

Additionally, we supplied our Stadip® Marine glass for the cabin windows. Again this provided a very safe, durable weight-saving solution, with the added advantage of allowing better solar control in the living quarters.

By using Thermovit Lite instead of Thermovit, you can save up to 47% of glass weight in a vessel.



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