Texelstroom TESO

Isolated glass installed in diverse forms and sizes throughout the vessel.

The Texelstroom – a ship built at a cost of almost 56 million euros – sails between Den Helder and Texel Island in the Netherlands. TESO has sailed in this area since 1907 and has a total of 14 company vessels that are used for the crossing between the island and the mainland.

In recent years, TESO has modernised and expanded the size of its impressive fleet of ferries in response to an increased demand for ferry crossings. Texelstroom will be the 15th TESO ship to join its fleet.

The ship has the capacity to hold 1750 passengers, 350 passenger cars per crossing and has replaced TESO’s flagship ferry service, “Dokter Wagemaker”.

Built with an innovative energy management system on board, the motor of the ship runs on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), instead of Diesel. There are 700 m2 of solar panels installed on the roof of the ship and drinking water will be recycled to flush the toilets. Warmth generated by the cooling water will also be re-used.

In addition to the sophisticated energy management system there will be an electrical support when the motor peaks. The motors will re-charge overnight at Texel.

Energy saving capabilities were an important factor throughout the project, including the specification of the glass which is why TESO commissioned Vetrotech to fulfil the brief.

Vetrotech produced double glazed units of glass with a special sun-protective coating, called Planitherm XN. In certain areas, Vetrotech added patterns to the glass using a primer and screen printing. Vetrotech also provided heated glasses for the wheelhouse applications to prevent the glass from icing and misting, and additionally provided Contraflam fire-resistant glass.

A bespoke and intricate project, almost all of the glasses utilised throughout the ship have their own unique form due to the diamond shaped design of the glasses on the vessel.

In total, Vetrotech installed approximately 1400m2 of glass.

C-Job / Vripack

Wheelhouse, external glasses

Den Helder Ferry service

Glass Features
Heated, fire-safety, solar resistance, pattern decorated



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