Product preview:

Thermovit® PRO A0 – the newest development within our heated glass range.

Conditions at sea can be extreme and challenging. Unimpeded and undistorted vision is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of passengers and crew, however tough the conditions may be. That’s why effective heated glass solutions are essential for vessels, oil rigs and offshore platforms of all kinds. Our product range of Thermovit® provides maximum clarity of vision from the wheelhouse, operations deck or control room at all times. It also offers comfort by preventing cold from penetrating the glass, keeping the interior and the crew warm.

Our newest development within the Thermovit® product range is Thermovit® PRO A0. A product that is not only heated, but fire-resistant as well. The especially developed coatings make sure the product is always actively heatable, but passively fire-resistant as well. Perfect for applications in a bridge. Always feel comfortable and safe at the same time.

Thermovit® PRO A0 will be presented live at SMM2016. Come and visit us and experience what Thermovit® PRO A0 can do for your project.

Also new in our product range: Thermovit® Clearview – a wirefree heated glass providing maximum safety on the bridge without ever having to compromise on visibility.