Stadip Lite®

This weight-saving solution offers the biggest benefits when used for applications close to sea level.

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Heated glass

Effective heated glass solutions are essential for vessels, oil rigs and offshore platforms of all kinds. Thermovit® provides maximum clarity of vision from the wheelhouse, operations deck or control room at all times.

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Fire-resistant glass

With over thirty years of specialised experience, we have built a solid reputation for delivering
glass of exceptional quality and effectiveness.

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Climaplus KM Ultimate

Climaplus KM Ultimate is a double-glazed unit featuring a highperformance solar control coating for the full spectrum of marine applications.

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Bullet-, Attack-, Explosion resistant glass

To ensure that suitable and effective levels of protection are in place.

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Saint-Gobain Marine Applications

A partnership between worldwide known companies to enable to build lighter and more efficient ships and platforms, reduce energy consumption, increase security and fire safety and improve the comfort of crew and passengers.

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Dynamic glass that offers an optimum blend of energy savings and passenger comfort.

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